Props and Sets

Working with The Handmade Parde, Hebden Bridge:
Making A Giant Badger...

Photoshoot I did for Inkfolk's 5th Birthday, Black and Gold Party.
(With a headpiece I made and using myself as the model.)

Crane theme at March's Inkfolk, 2017.

(They were good to project onto at night!)

Under the sea props for What The Freak's music event at The Trades Club, April 2017.

A grotto I made for Arvon Writer's Retreat, Christmas 2016.

 A Collection of Inkfolk Themes and Decorations from past Inkfolks..

Sourced chandeliers for the masked ball:

Flock of blue birds with oil projections:

Christmas Fairytale theme with sourced props:
(Dorothy's ruby slippers from the Wizard Of Oz...)

(Spinning wheel from Cindarella and Mirror and Apples from Snow White...)

(Mad Hatter's Hat and Tea cups from Alice In Wonderland.)

Coloured cellophane ceiling lights:

Flowers in Tin Cans:

Oversized Gold Chains and Gold Snowflakes:

Giant Silver Lametta over branches:

Projections through glass bowls:

Indian summer with handmade decorations:

Autumn leaves with dress patterns pasted over huge photographs:

Giant gold Inkfolk letters!

(with Chess pieces & 'mirror board')

Simple bunting:

Day Of The Dead Book Launch.

Shrines for a Blue Moose Publishers book launch.

Projections for the Manuel Gottsching concert at the Hebden Bridge Cinema.

Crazy what you can do with a bit of wallpaper paper..... and three month's work in premiere pro!

Wedding Wonders.

Simple, but effective...

Woodland Window.

A Christmas window I did for Joyces Closet in Hebden Bridge, complete with deer manikins!

Palm Projections.

Experimenting with my projector.

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